Our vision/mission

All organisations are confronted with an acceleration of disruptive technologies (and the opportunities they bring) and ever increasing financial and customer/member pressures, challenging their leaders to 'change' and at the same time stay 'on top of things'

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We want every organisation to bridge the accelerating digital divide

We do this by enabling membership organisations and SME's transform the way they work, collaborate and engage utilising the latest digital solutions at a cost that is affordable to them.

Our values

Our 5 values define who we are,
how we make a difference for our clients and other key stakeholders and what we do to achieve our vision

Diversity and inclusiveness

we believe in the wisdom of crowds and the power of people sharing the same values, with different backgrounds and different sets of skills and experiences, working together

Continuous learning and improvement

Rome wasn't build in a day and no one can predict the future. We believe in an agile approach: try and learn from each other, develop what works and grow together

Holistic approach

We aim to look at the bigger picture to create meaningful change. In an increasingly complex and networked world everything is linked. Meaningful change can only be impactful if all connections are taken into consideration.

Celebrating your success

Your success is our success and should be celebrated. We are all entrepreneurs ourselves who understand what it is like to be responsible for the end result.

Integrity and trust

Everything starts with transparency. We work together with you every step of the way with a completely open calculation of our cost. We are totally independent from any of the technology providers and platforms we recommend and implement.

Our people

An experienced partnership bringing together flexible, joined up solutions for membership organisations and SMEs, combining our breadth of specific technical expertise and membership management experience

Glynis Whiting

Grow and develop your organisation, client recruitment and retention

Extensive leadership experience in EU and UK public policy, membership organisation set up and development, business strategy, change management and innovation.

Joost Visser

Support the development and implementation of your strategy

Following a successful global career in fast moving consumer goods, Joost works with companies and organisations, tailoring corporate best practice and his experience to your needs.

Jean Verschure

Integrate your website with all your communications and digital needs

New digital media communication, flexible integrated internet and marketing solutions Web design /development, CMS and intranet.

Hanneke de Visser

Recruit the right people at the right time

Expertise in recruiting, employer branding, social media, social legislation & payroll management, contract negotiations, HR data management and compensation & benefits. 

Thomas Huret

Simplify with high performing integrated database/ CRM

Provide integrated on-line systems that support your organisation. Connecting client/member relationship management (CRM) and data with your website (CMS), your current other systems (legacy) and other essential functional requirements.

Our story so far

The StarfishMRM partnership was formed in 2014 when the founding partners realised the pressing need for digital transformation in many organisations and associations in Brussels – but that few are equipped to set out on this journey without expert help in WHAT to do and especially HOW to do it.

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  • Some of the partners had already been working together for many years. Collectively we were all working on our first assignment with the British Chamber of Commerce in Belgium when 'the penny dropped'.

  • Large organisations have the resources to ensure they keep up with technology and provide their teams with the latest tools and ways of working available.

  • Smaller organisations such as small and medium-sized companies, membership organisations and NGO's are very often too busy with day-to-day management to take time out to stop and think about how they could work differently, more effectively and efficiently.

  • They may know somebody that can help them set up a CRM system or build their website but individual service providers do not help them with an integrated solution which starts with their strategy based on the specific needs of their stakeholders.

  • Hence StarfishMRM was created. The 5 arms of a starfish exemplify the 5 partners with the variety of skills and experience needed for a holistic and flexible approach.