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Starfish Digital Dialogues


22/03/2016 - In response to the terrible events in Brussels of this morning, we have decided to postpone our Digital Dialogue event planned for Thursday evening the 24th of March.

Our thoughts are with those whose lives are affected - a terrible time for all.

We will let you know as soon as there is more news about when and how we may be able to re-schedule.

Thank you for your interest to take part in the event.

24 March 2016,  17h30-19h30 at ING Bank, Cours St Michel, Merode, 1040 Brussels

Starfish MRM is launching a new programme of events, the Starfish Digital Dialogues.

The aim of the Digital Dialogues is to discuss emerging ideas and thinking about new online digital policy, processes and opportunities and in particular to highlight practical ways in which you can transform the way your business or organisation operates.

The first event, in collaboration with ING bank will take place on 24 March 2016, entitled:

The Digital Era is here!  What does it really mean for my organisation?
Demystifying digital transformation – how can you get your organisation to benefit from it?

Digital is any technology that connects people and machines with each other or with information. 
Digital transformation is a visible overall restructuring to make the most of new technologies for any size of organisation.

Successful organisations are adaptable to change and good at engaging with their stakeholders; they collaborate internally and externally and empower their teams.  

To do this effectively and efficiently you need a clear strategy as well as systems and technology and a willingness to change the way you work. It is as much about how you do things as what you do.


We are delighted to welcome our keynote speaker :
Craig Burchell, Vice President, Government Relations Europe at Xerox Corporation
Craig will offer us some thought provoking ideas on how “digital” transforms business, entrepreneurs and society with new ways of doing business and new opportunities to be agile, smart and global, against a backdrop of current and probable future trends.


Panel debate and Q&A to explore practical ways in which organisations can benefit from digital transformation which will explore: What are the obstacles to change? How can any organisation overcome them?

Dave Deruytter, Head Of Expatriates & Non Residents, ING Bank: online banking and crowdfunding possibilities

Glenn Vaughan, CEO British Chamber of Commerce in Belgium: transforming a membership organisation

Catherine Van Eeckhaute,  Programme Manager at SOCIALware: subsidised digital support for non-profit organisations

Joost Visser, Partner Starfish MRM: winning hearts and minds for change

Moderator : Glynis Whiting, Partner StarfishMRM

Followed by a networking cocktail

Who should attend?

Anyone involved in managing or working in a small/medium sized business, membership association or NGO/ not for profit organisation who would like to find out more about new digital ways of working.

Attendance is free, registration is mandatory

Glynis Whiting

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