news / October 15, 2015

StarfishMRM workshop

How to find your perfect match - The ingredients of a successful recruitment

By Hanneke de Visser and Carsten Wendt

As recruiters we have an important key in our hands. A new person will join the team!

We hope our new colleague will make our clients even more satisfied. We look forward to his or her contribution to the business. We want our new team member to engage colleagues and increase overall performance. 

But how do you identify the right candidate? 

In this half day interactive workshop, Hanneke shares insights and experiences she accumulated over many years working in recruitment. Her motto is: "Do not trust your gut feeling". You increase your chances for a good hire with a solid strategy and process. A precise definition of what you have to offer as an employer is key and one has to have clear insights in the personality traits, talents and skills that will make your future employee a good match. 

In this interactive workshop, we look at ads that attract super applicants. Further, we practice telephone screening. Is an interview a good time investment for both parties? Last but not least, Hanneke and Carsten will take you through interviewing and communication techniques that help you to truly get to know your candidate during the face to face interview.

A side effect of a structured and well thought through recruitment process, is the opportunity to build your brand. 

This year, we hold a workshop at the British Chamber of Commerce in Belgium the morning of 3 November. This workshop can also be organised at your request. 

If you are interested to participate or to learn more, contact us.  

To learn more about Carsten, visit his website !

Hanneke de Visser

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