news / December 09, 2015

StarfishMRM at ACSI

Within 3 weeks of launching ACSI’s website 300 companies submitted business opportunities and 50 concrete connections between entrepreneurs were established.

StarfishMRM was pleased to participate at ACSI's annual economic event: "The Belgium-Slovenia Business Axis: A new economic moter to drive Europe's recovery". 

ACSI was founded in 2014 by Barbara Frontini, out of a desire to create a gateway to better lives for Slovenians via international economic development. The most important objective for this new website was to make it as easy and effective as possible to connect Slovenian entrepreneurs with Belgians and the other way around.

What are the needs and desires of entrepreneurs? This was an important question. With Barbara Frontini and our team, we defined the typical entrepreneur as hardworking, used to chart his own course, no nonsense, impatient, IT savvy, with a true appreciation for being part of a trusted environment with access to service providers like legal advisors, payroll providers, etc. 

Based on many insights that matured with several sessions, we developed a site that offers on the home page the option to submit business opportunities. Traditionally, membership based organisations create networking opportunities by organising events and seminars. This is highly important because nothing can replace the social interaction, but it is also costly when travelling is involved and it is a time consuming way of business development. The new tool creates a pool of commercial activity, where ACSI can show its added value by concretely matching clients with service providers and vice versa. With a conversion rate of 20% already this demonstrates how a combination of online tools and face-to-face networking produces a successful outcome.

As part of the event StarfishMRM showcased the new website with its integrated CRM system, which is the backbone of the matchmaking services ACSI provides to its members. Several business meetings were already taking place in quiet corners on the first floor of the Cercle de Lorraine. Those gatherings were arranged by ACSI based on the requests submitted via the website. This is how StarfishMRM played a role in bringing an ambitious dream to life. ACSI is ready to support increased economic activity between the two countries and we have more ideas for further developments. We'll keep you posted. 

Hanneke de Visser

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