blog / February 01, 2016

Case study Timesmore

Kristel de Prins
Owner Times More Group

What was the main problem you struggled with?

"Our core business, our databases, our know-how was not structured or coherent – and much was held in our heads. We needed to link up our front and back office operations."

"Our way of working was not in line with our vision for TimesMore – to be innovative and to be a valued source of all kinds of information for our clients."


What was the determining factor for choosing Starfish MRM?

"I was struck by the intelligence of the team as a whole. All from different backgrounds, with complementary expertise to cover all aspects of change – strategy, CRM /CMS technology, practices, marketing, website development: it is a unique combination.

I also knew by their personal reputation that promises made would be promises kept."


What did you like about working with Starfish MRM?

"It was not only their knowledge, but their ability to understand and adapt to a company which was not their own. More than a way of working – they really felt like a partner, rather than just a supplier or consultant. It was a great comfort to know that your ideas are shared. I particularly like the way they would think through the issues and always see the bigger picture as well as the detail – a rare combination"


What was the main benefit you saw from working with our organisation?

"My business can now service our customers more quickly, efficiently – we can all do more, in less time.

The new systems have certainly raised the satisfaction factor for both my team and clients. We are all more comfortable, knowing we have a robust structure to rely on, whatever happens.

I especially value the independence that I have to make changes, to adapt and develop. The systems are flexible and always up to date with the latest technology. I am also impressed by the online support community for my platform. I can keep in contact here in Belgium and also with discussions in the US.

Starfish MRM has been a great help in taking a lot of stress out of the job for the whole team"


What have we learned?

"Wherever my business develops and grows over the next 5 years, I know I have the technology to support my ambitions. This is a priceless asset for a business owner"

Glynis Whiting

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