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Case study ACSI

Barbara Frontini
Secretary-General, Ambassadors Club of Slovenia in Belgium

What was the main problem you struggled with?

"I needed to persuade Slovenian enterprise that the business opportunities in Belgium are real, that we can go from zero to success. We had to build trust and credibility in our target marketplace."


What was the determining factor for choosing Starfish MRM?

"I was impressed by the experience of StarfishMRM's work with the British Chamber of Commerce. After you attended our event at which 150 companies were registered last March, I appreciated your pro-active follow up. Your positioning and excellent network in the international community in Brussels was an additional factor, which I thought could be beneficial for Slovenian entrepreneurs as well."


What did you like about working with Starfish MRM?

"I enjoyed the collaboration throughout the whole process. I really felt part of a team, rather than working alone. This way of working made me feel confident and makes all the difference.

I was able to get feedback and input from entrepreneurs in Slovenia, whilst Starfish MRM's input helped me to clarify my strategic path. This helped me to simplify my approach, focusing on the elements which would be most important to my target market – what entrepreneurs really needed and how my offer could best meet their needs."


What was the main benefit you saw from working with our organisation?

"Since the launch of the website three weeks ago, over 300 companies have submitted a business opportunity. On this basis, I managed to establish 50 concrete connections between entrepreneurs who are now discussing business – in other words a 20% conversion rate.

Imagine the time I would have needed to achieve this result by organising networking events!

The technology is even more powerful than I had anticipated. It is easy to publish the profile of entrepreneurs whether Belgian or Slovenian. I then follow up pro-actively and continue to build in new partner profiles until the right business link is in place. It creates a snowball effect in which there will be 100% success rate in finding the right partner with whom to do business"


What have we learned?

"Patience! I have learned to know better both the Belgian and Slovenian business environment. And how to explain that business environment to my entrepreneurs.

Technology can do miracles if you use it well. I could not do what I am able to achieve without the right online tools. Starfish has enabled ACSI to become a digital star."

Jean Verschure

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